AnimFX - AnimFX in Wellington, what a great three days!

Special thanks to Jos and Kim and the rest of the GAV trust, another amazing group of presenters this year.

The fingertapps touch screens were up and running to provide information on the programme, but more importantly the amazing 'Into the Pixel' gallery. Thanks to Joseph Olin, president of the Academy of interactive Arts & Sciences.

John Stevenson gave the most inspiring talk about being a creative individual. Doing what you do because a) you love it and b) to do the best you possibly can. His story about working for Jim Henson at 19 and the lasting impressions of that time are so motivating in terms of what it means to be a leader.

Sean, Christian and Joseph ran the games session on Thursday. Information and statistics that were really amazing, insight into the process from both ends of the commercialisation, and lots of experience. Very valuable.

Richard Taylor really drove home the importance of building your own content during the keynote on Friday.

Matt Aitken, Paul Debevec, Luke Reid all presented some amazing graphical and technical work, the level of experience and smarts worth attending for alone. Sebastian Sylwan gave an inspiring talk on the new Weta R&D facility which he is heading up, it's going to be great to see New Zealand growing a world class graphics hub like this.

The workshops on Saturday were a valuable chance to drill into more detail and discuss issues directly with the speakers.

Finally thanks to Mario and Sidhe for the party!

Cheers, Dave.