Project Space - A creative gym. Workshop membership and like minded people. Crafters, modelling, printmaking, textiles, sculpture, robotics, hacking, woodworking, metalworking, sewing, software, electronics, design, furniture, group projects - the possibilities are endless.

Join the Facebook group and fill in the anonymous equipment survey to help us prioritise equipment.

Recent News
20th April 09 : New projects include 4m touch screen, 1.5m xy 20cm z cnc table, giant paper mache mascots.
2nd May 09 : NYC resistor visit.
7th May 09 : Printing buildings!
7th May 09 : other NYC visits.
8th May 09 : Pumping Station One visit.
12th May 09 : Lithography - old school printing.
19th May 09 : Darth Vader Maker Bot
21st May 09 : Coastal Machinery - so much cool stuff!
26th May 09 : Physical Location Options (Updated 18th June)
6th June 09 : Craft 2.0 and CII
11th June 09 : Stuffed Beta - make your own laser cut stuffed animals.
16th June 09 : Beginners Arduino Course in Wellington 4th-5th July (sold out!)
21st June 09 : Sunday 21st June. Second ProjectSpace Session, Laser scanner, Touch wall and more!
4th July 09 : Wellington MakerSpace has some space!
6th Aug 09 : Siggraph 2009 New Orleans
7th Nov 09 : AnimFX 2009 inspiring!
16th Nov 09 : MakerBot Plastruder

Links to other making spaces
Christchurch Creative Space
Wellington Maker Space
Hamilton Hacker Space
Pumping Station One
Toor Camp, Robot mayhem

Note : This idea is still being hatched. I appreciate your feedback. Cheers, or web.