ProjectSpace Second Session - Negotiations are underway with Tranzrail regarding space at the old railway station, in the meantime;
ProjectSpace lite : Sunday 21st June from 10am at Unlimited Realities, 60 Princess Street.

The front doors will be open, come on up the stairs to the top floor and listen for the sounds of making.

One of the exciting projects for this weekend is to begin converting a laser line scanner into a full 3D scanner which we can use to capture a model - and then print it using the RepRap which will be arriving soon (to be assembled of course!).

The touch wall was created and even painted at the first session. This time we need volunteers to build IR sources from LED's and help make an IR filter for a webcamera so we can get touch working.

There are plenty of other projects for those who are keen, including using the stuffed software to make your own stuffed animals.

Cheers, Dave.